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Sleep quality is important because it determines the quality of waking hours. We might easily blame the new way of like forced by Corona Virus and lock-downs’ but at the end, we need to realize that by not having quality time, we are paying a price. Take a pause, to estimate the price that is paid because of less quality sleep – unable to focus on important things, anxiety, body issues etc.
Here are few tips that can help regain balance and improve the quality of sleep that are discussed less often than it should. All of them need no external gadgets / money.

Everyone needs different amount of sleep:
Rather than standard hours, you should estimate the no of hours you should sleep. To estimate: you can use a sleep tracker and track – how much you slept, how many times you woke up in the night, how you felt when you woke up finally. There are chances that you may need just 6 hours.

Waking up at same hours consistently is more important than when you sleep:
It’s a common advice that you should sleep at same time everyday to set up the body rhythm. But, anyone with a disturbed sleep pattern, who tried doing this would know that it is very difficult. However, if you start waking up at the same time, the body will adjust the time you should sleep.

Winding Down Alarm:
Its super useful and practical advice to set an alarm 40 mins before sleep hour to start winding down. Do things like scheduled worry time, planning the next day, 10 minutes breathing exercise like 4-7-8.

Exercise / Getting Tired physically:
One of the most ignored but most useful advice on sleep. When it is difficult to sleep, it mostly is because the mind is tired but body is not. Our body needs to be worked on every day. Life is becoming easy every day with gadgets and luxury we have been able to accumulate in our homes but body still needs work. So, just increase the amount of physical work e.g walking, running etc.

If you have suffered from such issues e.g. unable to sleep or not able to have quality sleep, try these tips and let me know if it worked for you !