Given a choice between:
Easily achieve goals at 10x speed
Achieve with lot of efforts at 2x speed !

The choice is obvious : Easily achieve goals at 10x speed. Dan Sullivan in this talk says that our speed is limited by the bagged we keep. The baggage is of the past. Not past as such, but past which is ‘stuff’ and that ‘stuff’ slows us down. The core idea of 10x thinking is to thus start with future.

‘Stuff’ is about ‘Everything that others do better’ or ‘Everything that drains energy’ or ‘Relationships that go no where. On the other hand activities which are devoid of stuff creates energy e.g. ‘Everything you permanently love’ or ‘Everything that produces growth’ or ‘Everything that grows confidence’.

10x 10 X thinking future

So, the way to achieve 10x is by eliminating 3 stuffs and adding 3 energy activities every quarter. Remember this is not about the destination but the enabler.

If you have read this short story and found it useful, you may like to begin by creating the list of stuff and energy activities.

Here is the full talk !